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Super Flare: Mystic - Taupe

Super Flare: Mystic - Taupe

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Mystic Super Flare: Dance into the Mystic

Our Mystic Super Flare pants are a mesmerizing abstract interpretation of the mystical zebra gracefully grazing across the Serengeti. Zebras, with their unique stripes, symbolize balance, agility, and the power of individuality. On the waistband, the words "you are unique" serve as a gentle reminder that we were born to stand out. Let your SOL and spirit soar into the mystic as you embrace the balance and power within. (P.S. Van Morrison may have inspired these designs, and we're sure you'll feel the magic!)


  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Luxurious, Form Fitting and Lightweight
  • 4-Way Stretch - Freedom In Every Direction
  • Quick Drying - Within Minutes Sweat Evaporates
  • Tummy Tucking High or Low Waistband Wearability
  • Recycled Plastic Fabric (84% RPET, 16% Spandex)

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