Joining the Niyama Sol retailer tribe? Created and led by female entrepreneurs, we offer more than sustainable and buttery soft, stand-out-in-a-crowd leggings. Niyama Sol is inspired by art, music, nature, fitness and fashion and is rooted in the principles of yoga known as the Niyamas.

The Niyamas are a way to lead a happy, healthy and spiritual life, focusing our attitudes on giving back, self-love, passion, growth and leading a high-vibe life. We create style that moves you, with our limited edition "performance art" leggings, produced in sunny California.

Niyama Sol’s mantra is "why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Our core values are centered around radical self-expression, commitment to sustainability, exceptional quality, and an attitude of gratitude.

We believe in the power of wearing something that feels damn good and is made with intention. It just makes a difference in the way you show up. Namaste.

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