"Inspired by the words of Dr. Seuss, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!?”
We created Niyama Sol so that we could express our individuality through
leggings we want to wear."
Oh, hey. We’re so glad you’re here.
We just happened to be thinking of how phenomenal women are. Specifically women like you.
You know the type: green juice after the gym, a bag of chips for lunch, a salad and that gooey chocolate dessert with the ladies at dinner.
The ones who are doing the work.
The ones who are committed to becoming the very best versions of themselves while having the most fun in the process.
The ones who are breaking glass ceilings and mending their own wounds.
The ones who go from yoga to brunch and end up at a random street party dancing.
We see you. We are you. And we create every item of clothing with you in mind.
Not that anything could ever stop you, but keep it up.
You are absolutely nailing it.