Questions about the new SolBox?

Hey there, fantastic SolBox members!

We've noticed some of you wondering why you're seeing two order numbers for your SolBox deliveries, and we're here to clear things up in our signature SolBox style!

So, picture this: When your SolBox renewal rolls around, you're faced with a delightful choice – to use the exclusive SolBox code of the month or let us work our magic and curate a fabulous box for you. If you opt for the code, say hello to a box filled with items you've been dreaming about!

Now, here's the fun part: If you go ahead and use your special code, it's like waving a magic wand and conjuring up a brand-new order. Ta-da! Your original SolBox order then gets a shiny "complete" label because you've decided to be the master of your own box destiny!

But fear not, if decision-making isn't your thing, we've got your back with our hand-picked selection. Either way, whether you choose to customize or not, you're guaranteed to snag a whopping $150 worth of goodies for your $75 – now, that's what we call a steal!

Hope that clears up any confusion, and remember, we're always here to chat if you have more questions or just want to say hi!