Coming Soon: Spiritual AF

Coming Soon: Spiritual AF

Embrace the Mystical Vibes with Our December Collection: Spiritual AF

As the winter chill settles in, we are thrilled to introduce our latest December Collection, "Spiritual AF." Rooted in the essence of the fifth niyama, ishvara pranidhana, this collection invites you to surrender to a higher power, whether it's the energy emanating from a crystal in your hand or the whispers of your own intuition. Each design in this collection is carefully crafted to channel the energies of peace, higher consciousness, confidence, and gratitude as you embark on a spiritual journey. So, gear up to embrace the mysticism with our enchanting prints!

1. Azure Agate: Channeling Healing Energies

Our Azure Agate design is a tribute to the soothing and stress-relieving properties of agate. Connecting you with the energy of the Earth, the serene blue hues symbolize truth, loyalty, and reliability. The healing properties recognized since the Golden Age of Greece are encapsulated in a design that resonates with peace and higher consciousness. Wrap yourself in the calming embrace of Azure Agate and trust the universe to guide your path.

2. Midnight Moon: Celestial Style Meets Comfort

For those who seek celestial style blended with comfort, Midnight Moon is the perfect choice. The midnight blue ombre, textured fabric, and the phases of the moon and sun running down the sides of the legs create a mysterious and mesmerizing effect. Step into the cosmic realm with these stylish leggings, letting the celestial elements elevate your fashion and spirit simultaneously.

3. Mayura: Elegance and Spirituality in Harmony

Mayura leggings blend elegance with spiritual symbolism. Featuring a peach to black ombre background adorned with colorful peacocks, these leggings symbolize spirituality and protection. The vibrant colors and the peacock motif make Mayura the ideal choice for yoga or meditation, allowing you to move gracefully and spiritually in every pose.

4. Shroom Galaxy: Cruise Through Space in Enlightenment

Shroom Galaxy invites you to cruise through space in a state of enlightenment. Metallic foil shooting stars circle around magical mushroom and butterfly designs, creating a visually enchanting experience. As a symbol of good luck, longevity, and rebirth, the mushroom design infuses positivity and transformation into your wardrobe. Let the cosmic vibes of Shroom Galaxy elevate your style and spirit.

5. Buddha Garden: Tranquility in Every Pose

Inspired by the beauty of traditional Asian gardens, Buddha Garden leggings feature intricate flowers and designs with a subtle Buddha in the background. The teal tapestry-style design brings tranquility to your practice, making these leggings perfect for yoga, meditation, or any activity that demands focus and mindfulness. Step into the garden of serenity and let the Buddha inspire your enlightenment.

6. Hamsa: Symbol of Protection and Strength

The Hamsa leggings bring forth the universal symbol of protection, power, and strength. Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, the Hamsa hand, vibrant in tones of teal and gold, perfectly nestles into the intricate black and gold ombre design. Wear the Hamsa to invoke protection and strength on your spiritual journey.

In each of these designs, the essence of ishvara pranidhana is intricately woven, reminding you to trust the universe as you walk the path of gratitude. Elevate your spiritual journey with our December Collection, "Spiritual AF," and let your wardrobe reflect the beauty of surrendering to a higher power.

Collection Release Date: December 6th, 2023 9:00 AM PST

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