$ 42

We've opened the vault and are offering our "vintage" styles to you! The original fabric, fit and designs that you fell in love with are back.

Like with most things, we've evolved over the years, so some of our older styles have variations in fit and fabric, and will feel slightly different than our newest styles.

BEACHCOMBER CROP : OX BLOOD : One of our most popular prints, Survivor – our black crocodile print pair, has gotten an update with Ox Blood.  We took the moto-style of our OG croc pair and turned it into a deep blood red color.  Our Survivor print was part of one of our first collections, Spirit Animal.  If your spirit is a crocodile or alligator, you have a gift of bringing harmony into your life in ways that help you to survive and prosper.  You work hard at being your authentic self and you allow others to be their true selves as well.  You are in touch with your emotions, you have a lot of patience with other people’s emotions and you are a gifted healer in emotional situations.  Red, the color of blood, is associated with love, passion, strength, courage and determination.  When you wear our Ox Blood Croc leggings you can pretty much conquer the world with your passionately honest survival instincts…or at least get all the way through a heated yoga class.


  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Suggestion: May Need To Size Down
  • Luxurious, Form Fitting and Lightweight
  • 4-Way Stretch - Freedom In Every Direction
  • 7/8 Crop Length
  • Quick Drying - Within Minutes Sweat Evaporates
  • Tummy Tucking High or Low Waistband Wearability
  • Recycled Plastic Fabric (84% RPET, 16% Spandex)