Vintage Mystic Beachcomber Crop - Only 7 Left

$ 42

We've opened the vault and are offering our "vintage" styles to you! The original fabric, fit and designs that you fell in love with are back.

Like with most things, we've evolved over the years, so some of our older styles have variations in fit and fabric, and will feel slightly different than our newest styles.

BEACHCOMBER CROP : MYSTIC : One of our best-selling leggings from our Spirit Animals collection was called Chieftain, which was our “loose” interpretation of a Zebra’s stripes.  Zebra spirit animals see in black and white, with clarity and no filters.  They have balance, agility and power, and most importantly, they possess individuality because their stripes are as unique as fingerprints.  Hidden inside the waistband are the words “you are unique”, because we should never forget that we were born to stand out in the crowd! We adjusted the colors to a smoky greyish blue and added an ombré effect at the ankle. Let your SOL and spirit fly into the mystic.  (We may have been listening to Van Morrison when we redesigned these).



  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Suggestion: May Need To Size Down
  • Luxurious, Form Fitting and Lightweight
  • 4-Way Stretch - Freedom In Every Direction
  • 7/8 Crop Length
  • Quick Drying - Within Minutes Sweat Evaporates
  • Tummy Tucking High or Low Waistband Wearability
  • Recycled Plastic Fabric (84% RPET, 16% Spandex)

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