Men's Sport Short : Vibe Higher

$ 68

Vibe Higher: Barefoot & Biker:  If you’re old enough to remember when the shows on TV just stopped at night and the infamous colorbars came on with a high-pitched beeping noise, followed by static with white noise, then…welcome to the club!  Our Vibe Higher design celebrate the highest vibration of art, music and television, and also reminds us to quiet our minds before bedtime and maybe nightly meditations are better than falling asleep with the TV on.  

Aidan is wearing size 34 shorts 


  • Invisible Zip Pockets
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Inside Underwear Liner
  • High Performance Fabric Texture
  • Quick Dry, Moisture Wicking
  • Drawstring
  • 18" Outseam

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