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Sage activates the first niyama, saucha, by cleansing a person, place or object in preparation for sacred work or ritual. A sacred plant among some Native American tribes, Sage has a strong aroma that also helps activate the Third Eye and increases spiritual awareness.

Use Sage to help cleanse a space of stagnant energy, to purify people prior to ritual, or to refresh crystals prior to intention setting and charging.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

How to Use: 

  1. Light the tip of the Sage Bundle until it catches aflame (Note: Leave the string on as that will help keep its shape)
  2. Allow the Sage Bundle to stay aflame for 5-15 seconds
  3. Blow out the flame once 5-15 seconds has passed so you’re left with just the embers and smoke
  4. Starting from the back of your space and with windows open, walk through your space and with your free hand, feather, or fan, move the smoke coming from the Sage Bundle (Alternatively you can also place your Sage Bundle onto a heat proof receptacle line with salt to catch the ash instead of holding the Sage Bundle)
  5. Bear in mind, the Sage Bundle may stop smoking over time so relight as needed
  6. Once you have walk through and smoked your space to your satisfaction, place the Sage Bundle onto a hea-tproof receptacle, if you haven't done so already, to allow it to naturally go out on its own or snuff it out in salt
  7. We recommend cleansing your space with the Sage Bundle every so often or as needed, depending on your needs and desire