Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Niyama Sol Wholesale Terms & Conditions:

 ACCOUNT (shall be named as customer throughout agreement) approval is subject to approval by Niyama Sol, Sapphire Sol LLC, or its factor (shall be named Niyama Sol throughout agreement).

Customer application may be approved/denied, with or without reason, by Niyama Sol. Customer termination may be implemented, without notice or reason, by Niyama Sol.


Prices are as published on wholesale documents/applicable site(s), unless amended and/or approved by Niyama Sol. All prices published by Niyama Sol are subject to change at any time. Submitted customer order(s) pricing will not be modified, unless approved by Niyama Sol and agreed upon by customer.

Niyama Sol is not required to notify customer of published pricing change(s) before an order is placed.

Customer is responsible for adhering to distribution policies as directed by Niyama Sol.

All prices are listed in US dollars.

Niyama Sol gives Fifteen Percent (15%) discount to pre-orders as standard when meeting pre-order cut off dates as indicated on wholesale decks provided by Sales Representatives. Niyama Sol reserves the right to adjust, add, update, and amend pre-order discounts.

Order Requirements, Payment, & Other Charges:

Minimum order requirement of Five Hundred ($500) (before shipping and tax, if applicable) will be enforced, unless specified. Additional order requirements may be implemented or modified by Niyama Sol.

All orders will be charged in full at the time of order submission, and the shipping charges will be processed at the point of shipment (shipment date may vary based on terms/conditions).

By agreeing to these conditions of sale, ACCOUNT authorizes Niyama Sol to charge all available items on submitted order(s). Order(s) shall not be binding until time/date of order shipment. Once order(s) has been charged/shipped it may not be cancelled (please see return/exchange policies).

Orders are subject to availability of merchandise and may be subject to change. Prices are subject to change without notice.

All authorized retailers will receive Fifty Percent (50%) off the MSRP, plus the cost of shipping Twenty Percent (20%).

Trade clients that do not have brick-and-mortar locations (yoga + fitness instructors) will receive 20% off the MSRP, plus the cost of shipping. The minimum order requirement for individuals who qualify is $250.00. Applications should go to solpro@niyamasol.com.

Out-of-stock item(s) will not be backordered. ACCOUNT will be notified prior to shipping about any out-of-stock item(s) via Order Confirmation Email. Any merchandise on approved order(s) that is unavailable at the confirmed ship date as a result of production issues will be communicated to customer accordingly and outcome agreed upon between the two parties when merchandise becomes available.

All orders must be paid via Credit Card. Other payment methods/arrangements must be approved by Niyama Sol. Should a credit card transaction be declined, all merchandise on the order is subject to cancellation and will be put back into warehouse inventory if a new/updated payment method is not submitted within Three (3) days of insufficient fund or credit card denial notification.

Any tax, impost, levy, duty or other charge (fees) imposed by any government or other authority applicable to the items purchased, shipment, use, or resale will be the responsibility (paid for) by ACCOUNT. Fees will be added to order invoice, when necessary, as to adhere to all said regulations.


All merchandise shall be shipped on (or after) published start-ship date on the order submitted, unless otherwise specified or communicated. All merchandise shall be shipped at the ACCOUNT expense, via the ACCOUNT selected shipping method/carrier. By selecting a shipping method upon placement of the order(s), ACCOUNT is authorizing the charges and accepts responsibilities associated with the selected carrier. Any adjustments to shipping fees or method must be approved/authorized by a Niyama Sol representative.

Niyama Sol will also cover the cost of postal insurance for any shipments through USPS.

Damaged Shipments and/or Order Discrepancies:

Claims arising from damaged shipping box(s)/bag(s) must be made within Three (3) working days of delivered shipment. Niyama Sol will not assume any responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from any delays beyond its control. Claims arising from invoiced (item(s) or charge(s) must be made within Seven (7) working days of delivered shipment.


Refunds are allowed for defective merchandise only. Refunds must be initiated within Thirty (30) days of receipt. 

Credit back to original form of payment for defective merchandise will be subject to approval once defective item(s) have been returned to Niyama Sol. Refunds will be issued within a Ninety (90) day period.

Shipping of defective item(s) is the responsibility of Niyama Sol. A shipping label will be provided.


We do not accept exchanges for Wholesale orders that are not proven defective.