NiyamaSOL - a recycled fitness & fashion brand that is good for the environment and good for the SOL.  Recycling is magic and so are our products!
We are yogis, teachers, lovers & friends who possess an overall (albeit healthy) obsession for fashion, fitness, durability and sustainability.  Our products reflect our individual personalities and our enthusiasm for creativity, design, color, art and movement! 
NiyamaSOL was conceived with the notion that we want to inspire and be inspired by the colorful ever-changing world around us.  We draw inspiration from breath-taking beaches, misty mountain tops, sweaty & sexy yoga rooms and graffiti-laden urban streets.  We are artists with our bodies and with our products.  We are free-spirits, wanderlust lovers and warriors.
We believe that plastic water bottles should be reincarnated into your favorite pieces of clothing!  We believe in recycling and giving back to our community and our environment. We believe in magic, unicorns, eating chocolate every day, and doing yoga on the beach.  We believe in the man in the moon and mermaids.   We believe leggings should be worn for every occasion - whether you are in heels or flip flops, on a yoga mat or with a hula hoop, while you're belly dancing, hiking a mountain or swimming in the sea.  Recycled leggings for everyone, everywhere - always!
Our mantra - Live. Love. Laugh.