The fourth Niyama, Svadhyaya, means to study one's own self. The two part word: sva - meaning self and dhyaya - meaning to meditate on, comes together helping us focus on self study. Here at Niyama Sol we take self study very seriously!

Svadhyaya is practiced as self-reflection through your everyday self-care. Have you ever observed yourself from the outside and wondered "why the heck did I do that?" Holding a mirror to oneself is the greatest way to grow and show us what actually is, instead of continuing down the path of living life through the stories we tell ourselves.

To celebrate the deep dive into your best self for the new decade we have decided to curate a FULL Niyama Sol set for you! That’s right! Along with a few curated goodies to guide you through your Svadhyaya journey, in this Seasonal Sol Box you are receiving a Niyama Sol top with your favorite new black legging! What better way to ring in the new year than that?!

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." ~ Lao-Tzu

  • Boxes will begin to ship January 13th 2020
  • Please allow 10-15 working days after being charged for your box to ship
  • May not be combined with any other sales or promotions
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Q - When does my box ship?
A - Your box typically ships within 10-15 working days of your quarterly release date. Boxes ship seasonally in April, July, October, and January. Lookout for the email notification for your shipment!

Q - What if I don't like my Niyama Sol item or need a size change, can I exchange?
A - Yes! As with our standard policy, we strive for 100% satisfaction! Just reach out to to facilitate an exchange or upgrade towards legging of your choice. Additional box items are non-exchangeable.

Q - Can I cancel if I'm not happy?
A - Of course! You can cancel your subscription at anytime after your first month.

Q - What if this is a gift?
A - You can either input the recipients info into the "customer info" using your credit card, or create subscription under your contact and email customer service to make a manual change.

Q - Can I use discounts?
A - Standard coupon codes, promo codes, and/or gift cards do not apply to Sol Box subscriptions.

*Please note items subject to change.

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