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Niyama Sol super fans are obsessing over our Seasonal SolBox. We created this special goodie box with you and, honestly, us in mind too. We hand-curate our SolBox alongside Jennifer Lopez with a few of our favorite things, based around an exclusive, not available anywhere else, Niyama Sol legging design.

This Spring, we re-introduce you to the 5 Niyamas, which are activities and habits for cultivating happiness, self-confidence and a healthy environment to enjoy a fulfilled life.  Our brand name, Niyama Sol, is based around these principles.  This exclusive Spring SolBox is centered around the first Niyama, called Saucha.  Saucha relates to self-purification and cleanliness or clarity of mind, body, heart and SOL.

Our Spring box is built around our Lagoon Shagreen legging. Our Shagreen legging is significant for a few reasons...the color green is the color of life, balance, renewal, nature and energy.  The color also symbolizes growth, our environment and instills a sense of well-being.  Shagreen, or Stingray, relates back to the ocean and since our leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles, we hope we are doing a small part in eliminating some of the plastic waste that pollutes our oceans. Recycling, aka cleaning up our environment, is one way that you can practice Saucha, and, stingray spirit animals let you know that everything you've worked toward is open to you - just go for it!
We've included a few more goodies in our SolBox to help you practice SAUCHA...whether it's taking a soothing & cleansing candle-lit bath, purifying crystal healing techniques or meditating and opening up your heart chakra with aromatherapy, our Saucha SolBox will help ignite your heart center and clear your mind.  Remember, self-care is not a luxury.  


  • Spring SolBox Limited to the first 3,000 members
  • Box theme will change with the seasons and introduce you to new brands and things we love.
  • Retail value - $200
  • Access to Sol Box exclusive styles
  • Risk free - Easy exchanges
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When does my box ship?
A - Your box typically ships within 5 working days and will ship on your quarterly release date. Boxes ship seasonally in March, June, September, and December.

Q - What if I don't like my item, can I exchange?
A - Yes! As with our standard policy, we strive for 100% satisfaction. Just reach out to to facilitate an exchange or upgrade towards legging of your choice. Additional box items are non-exchangeable.

Q - Can I cancel if I'm not happy?
A - Of course! You can cancel your subscription at anytime after your first month.

Q - What if this is a gift?
A - You can either input the recipients info into the "customer info" using your credit card, or create subscription under your contact and email customer service to make a manual change.

Q - Can I use discounts?
A - Standard coupon codes, promo codes, and or gift cards do not apply to  SolBox subscriptions.


*Please note items subject to change.


Size Guide